The videos in this gallery highlight and discuss a variety of Bart Walter’s sculptures, his process, and the travels and subjects that inspire his work. Click the links below to load the videos or view them on youtube.

Stevenson University Unveils Mustang Sculpture

The grand unveiling of the Mustang Statue, “Victory” took place on April 23, 2014. Produced by The Studio of Bart Walter.

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A Journey Shared – The Art of Bart Walter

Sculptor Bart Walter, along with his family, take a captivating journey through Africa. His dynamic works breathe the very life of his subjects. Produced by The Studio of Bart Walter.

The Troupe – Bart Walter

Sculptor Bart Walter discusses his time in Africa and creating and installing The Troupe at the Chattanooga Zoo.
Produced by The Hunter Museum of American Art.

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Wapiti Trail – A Sculpture By Bart Walter

Bart Walter creates a beautiful sculpture of Elk for the National Museum of Wildlife Art. Produced by The National Museum of Wildlife Art.

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